Spirit Candy Company was a project i created for Package Design. The problem to solve was that we were given a blank box and had to deconstruct it, create our own die lines and then package at least 1 product with the viewing window intact. 

I decided to go after bulk candy because I have a weird obsession with Christmas. From the beginning i had the perfect candies in mind, though it took a million years to find them. I knew i wanted a collectors type package that people would chase down every season as a brand they trusted and loved. The company name and typeface were chosen to represent the spirit of the holidays and to transport the consumer back to a fond memory from their past. The subhead on each box states that we sell "tasty memories" not just yummy candy.

Each package features a moon and a some interaction with that moon. The murals wrap all the way around the boxes while tactfully leaving space for body copy and nutrition information. The silver and gold shiny foils were added to give the packages some unique shelf presence among other candies. The last little secret is that there are holiday song lyrics repeated on the inside of each unique package.

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