This project involved packaging a random item from a grab bag. I received a hot wheels car. Instead of creating a simple acetate + glue hanger package, I opted for more of a collector's box approach. I wanted to showcase import cars vs domestic muscle cars.


The entire package became a literal car carrier. The box was constructed from 2mm chipboard in 3 sections, then assembled at the end when the artwork was applied. I had to create a door mechanic, that is secured by magnets, to ensure the cars wouldn't fall out, but the user would have access to switching them out.


Each car is in its own compartment. These compartments were made by stacked 1/4" foam-core boards that were cut with a laser, that would fit inside the chipboard structure. The back of the box features 2 illustrations of the cars inside the box, plus a brief description of what the box is. The handle on top is a functional piece that allows the user to actually carry these cars to wherever they want.

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