As a Texas native and a Army Veteran, I pour a huge amount of pride into everything that I do. Creativity has always seeped out of every pore of my being. At a young age I was drawn to more traditional drawing by hand. As I grew older I realized that wasn't viable for a career path and decided to venture out into other mediums and applications. 

Photoshop used to be my baby back when CS2 was around....for anyone that is familiar, that is WAY BACK. Photo-manipulations were fun and at one point I ran a small monthly zine to showcase mine and others artwork. Once I joined the Army, I realized Graphic Design would be a path that I could utilize my talents and create a career out of.

I now attend Texas Christian University (TCU), in Fort Worth, with a scholarship provided by the Army. I have since fallen in love with design as a concept and apply it to anything and everything I can.

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